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1621 Health and Lifestyle Club provides access to highly trained massage therapists with experience in a wide range of treatment options to help you with any injury or physical challenge.  Call 306-570-1621 to book an appointment.


Here at 1621 we take pride in helping our members and clients with any challenge they may be experiencing within their body.  All of our therapists are equipped with skills and tools needed to aide in your recovery.


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Tenille Brown RMT, Bowen Specialst

Tenille Brown


Bowen Therapist

Tenille Brown h-s proudly been with 1621 Club since the opening day in 2017.
Tenille has been a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2003 and a Bowen therapist since 2006. Focusing on these two therapies she has the ability to assess and recommend the most beneficial treatment plan based on an individuals need.
Tenille has been involved in a variety of sports at the Provincial and National level so she is well aware of the stress one can put on the body. She also understand the competitive nature of athletes and the frustration that occurs when an injury prohibits you from doing what you enjoy.
Throughout Tenilleʼs many years of being a therapist she has made Bowen Therapy her preferred Therapy based on results alone. Bowen Therapy allows Tenille to use gentle pressure in specific areas over the body to help facilitate the bodyʼs own innate ability to heal itself. Bowen is a technique that results in relief of many specific injuries as well as other health issues. Bowen results are often profound and long lasting.

Bowen Therapy activates the recovery process in situations where healing is stalled. Most people live in a state of high stress(Symp-thetic ANS). Healing can only occur when the Autonomic Nervous System(ANS) shifts from Sympathetic ANS(fight,flight or freeze mode) to the parasympathetic ANS(rest,relax and repair mode). Bowen Therapy encourages this shift.

When this shift occurs the entire body is being addressed as a whole rather than one area of concern.
In contrast to other hands on modalities, Bowen facilitates the body to heal itself with minimal intervention and is therefore safe to use on people of all ages and all degrees of health.

A few examples of the many conditions Bowen Therapy can help with are:


-Carpel Tunnel
-Tendinitis (tennis/golfers elbow) -Shoulder/Neck pain or tension(frozen shoulder)

-Back pain
-Arthritic pain
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Foot and Ankle problem (including sprain) Hip and Knee restrictions

-Shin splints
-Other sport related or traumatic injuries


-Bronchitis -Sinusitis(sinus problems) -Hay fever


-Indigestion -constipation -Colic(Babies)

Other Conditions

-Chronic Fatigue
-He-d-ches/Some Migraines

-Bed wetting -Hemorrhoids Ear Aches

Bowen Therapy has also been reported to be one of the most relaxing therapies that clients have experienced. Some clients use it as a part of their regular self maintenance to reset the bodyʼs state of balance.

What to expect in 1 Bowen Therapy session

During a Bowen Therapy Session a patient will lie on the table and relax while the therapist applies a series of gentle, yet purposeful, moves over muscles,tendons,ligaments and nerves. These moves can be done over light clothing if preferred.

The therapist will leave the table for approximately 2 minutes in between a series of moves. This allows the patientʼs body to fully relax,respond and achieve maximum potential of each move.

Treatments usually last between 45min-1 hr. Most acute conditions only take 1-2 treatments. In cases where the injury has occurred months or years ago the body will compensate for the condition and one may develop secondary patterns of dysfunctional muscle recruitment and posture therefore an average of 5 tre-tments may be needed. It is common for a Bowen treatment to include a balance of the entire body as well the area of concern in the first session. Treatment times and duration will depend upon the individuals capacity to heal. For most effective results, sessions should be scheduled one week apart.

Due to the subtle nature of Bowen and itʼs continuing response over the course of several days following a treatment, other forms of manipulative therapy as well as ice or extreme heat are discouraged for 5-7 days to allow the treatment to be fully integrated into the body and allow for maximum healing potential.