Self-Massage: 4 Ways


Are you sore after a particularly tough workout? Or maybe you’re just looking for a better way to recover.

It exists!

While a massage every now and again is an excellent way to recovery and bounce back, there are also various self-massage techniques you can use to speed up your post-workout recovery - without breaking the bank.

We’ve got 4 self-massage techniques to help you work out those tight and sore muscles. Are you ready?

1. Foam Roll It Out!

The foam roller is not to be underestimated for self-massage. And it’s best used on the legs or to stretch out or roll out the back.

Tight quads, hammies, or calves? Use the foam roller on these big muscles for a minute or more at a time. If any spot feels particularly tender, feel free to roll back and forth on it until the pain subsides. And it should feel like a ‘good’ pain. If it’s excruciating or doesn’t feel right, don’t continue foam rolling. This may be a sign that you’ve experienced an injury.

2. Use a Lacrosse Ball

Lacrosse balls have more use than one. These are great for rolling out your upper or mid back along a wall (or even the back of the shoulder). They are also great for digging right into those glutes. Use the ball similar as you would a foam roller. It might not feel the best at the time, but you’ll thank us afterward.

3. Invest in a Vibration Therapy Device

Vibration therapy is surprisingly old news. It’s been used throughout history for recovery and other medical purposes. Today, many sports brands are using it to their advantage and adding it to their self-massage products - and for a good reason.

Vibration therapy, in addition to providing your achy muscles with a soothing massage, has amplified benefits, such as increased blood flow and disruption of pain signals. And these devices are similar to a lacrosse ball, except with one key difference - they vibrate when you use them. You can choose to keep the ball on one spot or move it around like you would with a lacrosse ball or foam roller.

4. Use Your Hands

You don’t necessarily need fancy equipment or new equipment. For easy to reach spots, your hands also work. Try kneading or applying various pressures to the sore spot using both thumbs. It can make a world of difference!

Are you still not sure how to self-massage? Sign up for a massage at the 1621 club. Let our registered massage therapist show you the ropes. They can further provide even more education on how to maximize your recovery and performance. Recover better and recover faster than ever before!