Different Types of Massage Explained

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Most people think of massage therapy as a relaxing and luxurious experience.

And it can be!

However, there are many different types of massage - all with different purposes, techniques, and goals.

Before you book your next appointment, it’s a good idea to check out the different kinds of massage therapy that exist.

The following outlines the most popular types of massage. What kind do you need?

1. Swedish Massage

The goal of a Swedish Massage is to relax the whole body. Experts claim that its the best option for those who are new to massage or for those that are more sensitive to touch.

Frequently, these massages last 60-90 minutes. It involves kneading, circular motions, vibrations, tapping, and long, deep strokes. And it can help release serious muscle tension or muscle knots - helping you relax.

2. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is very similar to the Swedish Massage. However, it often involves more pressure. The therapist uses long, deep, and slow strokes - getting into the deep muscle and connective tissue that lies beneath. It’s a great option for individuals who suffer from more chronic muscle tension conditions, such as anxiety or specific muscle imbalances.

3. Sports Massage

Sports Massage addresses the needs of athletes before, during, and after their events or games. It may be used as a preventative measure against injuries or used as a recovery and treatment method following an injury. This type of massage promotes healing - relieving pain and tightness.

A Sports Massage may involve just one part of the body or the body as a whole - depending on the person’s condition. Similar to the above massages, an appointment typically lasts about 60-90 minutes.

4. Chair Massage

A Chair Massage is performed with the client sitting in a chair, fully clothed. You may see these in the workplace or even at the airport. Targeted areas frequently involve the shoulders, neck, arms, and upper back.

5. Reflexology

Reflexology is an appropriate massage option for individuals who don’t necessarily like to be touched throughout their whole body. The massage therapist will only apply pressure or techniques to the feet, hands, and ears. Normally, this type of massage lasts 30-60 minutes.

6. Hot Stone Massage

During a Hot Stone Massage, the therapist places hot or warm stones on different parts of the body - often called acupuncture or acupressure points. The stones may be left in place, or the massage therapist may move them or apply moderate pressure to them.

This type of massage is well-known for decreasing muscle tension, reducing pain, and improving blood flow. A typical appointment is often about 90 minutes long.

The type of massage you desire depends on your personal preference and needs. Determine which type of massage may work best for you and your body - then, book your next appointment with one of our registered and experienced massage therapist at the 1621 Health and Lifestyle Club.