Perfecting Your Golf Swing: Here’s What You Need to Know


Perhaps you are new to the sport. Or you finally want to get your golf swing down.

In golf, the small details matter. For example, the way you hold your club can make a huge difference. And while there is by no means a ‘perfect’ golf swing, there is always room for improvement.

Let’s break this thing down! Where can you improve?

Mastering Your Stance

You’re lining up to hit the ball. How should you position your body?

First and foremost, consider your foot position. Place your feet about hip-width apart, with your front foot in front of the ball. And rotate your feet slightly outward. This position will allow for more hip movement as you go into your swing.

You should also pay attention to your alignment here. Your feet should either be lined up with the hole or the direction you want the ball to go in. Think of it kind of like an imaginary line running along the front of your feet toward the target. Line your toes up with that line.

If you are using a bigger club, consider having your front foot closer to the ball. If you are using a smaller sized club, the ball should be about midway in between your feet.

What about your arms? Your arms determine how far away from the ball you are standing. Ideally, you should be holding the club just behind the ball with relaxed and straight arms. You should have a slight bend in your hips. If your elbows are bent, consider moving farther away from the ball. If your arms are stretching too much toward the ball, move closer.

Slightly bend your knees and you’re all set up

Check Out Your Grip

Your grip depends on what feels best for you. You might choose to hold the club like a baseball bat or with your fingers interlocked or overlapping.

Either way - you want to have a relaxed hold on the golf club. You also want it to feel comfortable. There’s no shame in trying out a few different ways before finding your favourite. Test ‘em out! Find out which way you prefer.

The Big Swing

Now you’re ready to start swinging!

It starts with swinging the club backward - frequently this part is called the ‘backswing.’ Make sure to keep your heels on the ground as you bring the club back. Your hips slightly rotate back and you transfer your weight to your back foot. However, there isn’t a lot of movement here and your body shouldn’t bend a huge amount. And take your time here - there is no need to rush the backswing.

Another tip on your backswing: Keep your knees slightly bent. Don’t allow your knees to straighten with the movement. It will prevent the ball from curving - also known as ‘the slice.’

Then comes the downswing. As you come into the downswing, shift your weight again - but this time onto your front foot. Try to keep the head of the club behind the movement of everything else. Just before impact with the ball, re-straighten your arms and rotate the shaft of the club toward your intended target. You should also be rotating your hips forward during this movement.

After impact, follow-through and keep your eyes on the ball.

If you’re still struggling with your golf swing, consider our golf performance training at the 1621 club. We can help you get where you want to be! And remember, practice makes perfect - or at least almost perfect.