3 Tips to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule



You’re up before dawn, getting ready for another long day at the office. Once the day is over (and yes, it was quite productive), you’re exhausted and ready to go straight home. A glance at the gym as you take your usual route gives you a moment of guilt, but you push it away at the thought of relaxing with a good movie after dinner.

You should give that niggling bit of guilt a little more attention. It’s your body’s way of telling you that exercise is important and shouldn’t be neglected. If you offer up the excuse, “I just don’t have time,” you’ll be glad to read these three tips to help you fit it into your crazy, hectic schedule.

Combine Work and Exercise

You probably multitask every day in different ways, but you may not realize you can do it with your workout. Maybe you need to discuss a project with your co-worker or talking about a new ad with your marketing department. Why not invite them to the gym where you can work out and talk business at the same time?

It's not that unusual for business people to go for a run with co-workers and employees or even potential customers while they discuss work. It’s a more relaxing environment than a boardroom or office, which might help you get your message across to a client or partner.

Do High-Intensity Workouts

You can get in and out of the gym in less time if you work harder while you’re there. If you have a busy day scheduled on a regular gym day, choose that time to do a high-intensity workout. Instead of working at moderate intensity for an hour, you can get the workout done in 30 or 40 minutes.

Work with a personal trainer who can teach you workout strategies that take less time than your usual routine. You may use combination exercises that work multiple muscle groups or increase the speed or resistance to fatigue your muscles sooner. You get the same results without spending as much time at the gym.

Look for a New Routine

Just because you’ve always gone to the gym first thing in the morning, it doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout if you have an early morning meeting. Instead, look for other opportunities to fit exercise into your day. Maybe you could go to the gym over lunch.

For some people, the end of the day isn’t a prime time for exercise. They’re tired and just want to get home. Just remind yourself that you’ll feel better and enjoy your time at home more if you do a short workout after work.

If something is important to you, it’s a high probability that you’ll fit it into your schedule. Make exercise a priority and try these three tips to fit it in even when things get crazy at work. You’ll have more energy and feel better. You’ll be glad you had the discipline to do what you should even when you didn’t feel like it.

Tanner White